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​​​​Once accounts are created, we can assign the correct subscription plans and security levels for each user.

The free trial includes only Business, Business Premium, or E3 accounts, so if your needs include other licenses, additional storage, or more than 25 users, these may have to be added before the trial officially ends. Sometimes, for certain promotional offers that we get from our distributor, it will make sense to end the trial early to take advantage of the offer. Generally, we don't recommend investing in a migration until you've determined that Office 365 is the right service for you – so this shouldn't be a problem.

After the trial, you'll want to maintain at least one E3 account in order to continue with the same globally available enterprise services and features in SharePoint. To save costs, other accounts can be scaled back appropriately to Business, Desk-less (Kiosk), Exchange-only, or SharePoint-only plans. Likewise, extra services and subscription plans can be added as needed.