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​Liquid Mercury Solutions' Advanced Support plans for Office 365 and SharePoint provide a direct hotline between your company management or IT staff and our technical experts. Rely on us for any issues or needs relating to Office 365, SharePoint, Windows Azure, ADFS, and other Microsoft cloud services.

If you have 100 users or more or have ongoing SharePoint development needs, these plans will be of value to you. We have options starting at $1,500/month to add high level expertise to your in house staff or existing support provider.

Many managed service providers charge as much as $12/user/month and up for just cloud and desktop support services, but don't have SharePoint experts on staff and limit what you can do with support hours.

Our Advanced Support plans pick up where those services fall short. They're the perfect addition if you already have desktop support covered for cases requiring physical access, but you need to augment the capabilities of your team with Microsoft cloud platform expertise.

And the price of these plans isn't tied to the number of users you have, so cost doesn't increase just because you're growing. Costs are based on a budgeted number of hours that are worked on a regularly scheduled basis. Your commitment to purchase services on a monthly subscription basis lets us provide you with our best possible price.