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​Many organizations decide to take advantage of Office 365 because of its robust and reliable Exchange hosting. This is one of the best ways to immediately gain the highest ROI in the shortest possible timeframe from using Office 365. This phase of the migration also has easily measurable criteria for completion, allowing us to accomplish the goal and move on to the next step quickly.

Some businesses decide that now is not the right time for them to move to Exchange Online. In this case, we skip this part of the project and can revisit it at some date in the future without any problems.

Every e-mail migration is different. Some folks are moving from Exchange on-premises (or even Lotus) to Exchange Online. Others may have e-mail services from their ISP (e.g. Comcast, Verizon) or other providers such as Yahoo or G-Mail. Some folks have a wide assortment of mobile devices for e-mail and others do not. Whatever your circumstances, we have the experience to handle your migration. When we provide you a quote for e-mail migration it is a​lways customized to reflect the conditions as you have described them to us.