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​​Changing an MX record is a lot like taking a change of address card to the Post Office. Whether you decide to do it before you load your furniture into the moving van or after, it's a very big change in how you'll live day to day afterwards.

Regardless, when the big day finally arrives, we make the necessary DNS changes that flip the switch so your mail is directed to Office 365. At or before that time, users will need to reconfigure Outlook to connect to Office 365 instead. This process is never worry-free, but we'll support your users as we help you make the switch over to the new system.

  • Make required DNS changes
  • Test e-mail connectivity to ensure users are receiving mail under the new system
  • Provide full service Outlook configuration or documentation to show users how to connect to Outlook
  • Support any Outlook connectivity, account, or profile related issues