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​​In many cases, migration of files requires the creation of multiple SharePoint sites or Document Libraries. Reasons for this may include the desire to compartmentalize files for security reasons, to organize information in a logical way, or to work around the frontiers of SharePoint, such as certain limitations that arise when you store more than 5,000 documents in a single library.

Such bulk operations can be time consuming and labor intensive when performed using Office 365's web based UI or tools such as SharePoint designer. So, we have automated this process wherever possible by using PowerShell. In some cases, the scripts we have on hand may not be exactly what the situation calls for; in those situations, we customize what we already have. Our own tools also use PowerShell as the primary interface. When we perform a series of upload or configurations with CloudPower, these are primarily performed by writing and executing scripts which run on PowerShell's command line interface.