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​​At this stage, we can begin basic configuration of your SharePoint Online platform. Depending on the site(s) and features you want, we may provision one site or several. High level security settings for various sub-sites and users are also configured at this stage. Here are some of the activities we'll perform during this step:

  1. Create and configure SharePoint groups, site collections, sites, lists, and libraries.
  2. Add users to the appropriate SharePoint groups and test that all users have the expected level of access.
  3. Create site columns and content types
  4. Purchase and configure any desired third-party apps
  5. Write any needed PowerShell scripts

Liquid Mercury Solutions staff will walk you through creating content types and metadata in SharePoint to help you organize your documents. These features form the basis of Information Architecture and Taxonomy. We'll provide structure to this process that allows you to get the most out of ​SharePoint's document management and search capability.