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​​​Microsoft provides some tools for automating the migration process from versions of Exchange Server 2007 and later. However, these tools have limited capabilities. They do not provide comprehensive detailed reports, nor do they offer the ability to transform mail or appointments as they move from one system to another. Most importantly, our observation is that Microsoft's migration tools will occasionally fail on a certain percentage of mailboxes, without a convenient method to restart the process where it left off. These factors can result in migrations that take longer to complete, with undesirable results.

BitTitan offers a fantastic solution to this challenge, with a wide variety of choices for the mailbox source - not just Exchange Server. They’ve quickly become the dominant provider of software assisted migration services. That's why Liquid Mercury Solutions partnered with BitTitan years ago and resells their services as part of our migration projects. Even so, we understand that licensing MigrationWiz for 100% of​ your users may be cost prohibitive. We'll use Microsoft's tools where feasible and BitTitan’s everywhere else, always with an eye toward finding ways to keep your costs reasonable.