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Last modified at 2/5/2016 2:00 PM by Thomas Carpe

You can self-register a new domain in Lite mode at any time by using the menu in the New-SPOContextManager command or by using the Register-CloudPower command directly. The license key will be automatically added to your configuration.

‚ÄčIf you've already activated one of the paid editions of CloudPower and you want to add a DNS doimain to your license, please contact us at so we can add the domain and re-issue your license key. We're planning to build the capability into the product and our web site to allow you to add your own domains automatically, and we'll post that information here once it becomes available.

When you contact us, please provide:

  • Your contact info, such as name, email, company name
  • Which edition of CloudPower you purchased
  • Your serial key or license code
  • The domain name(s) you want to add

Please note that except under extraordinary circumstances, we will not remove or unassign a DNS domain once it is assigned to your license. If you feel you have a case in which this is justified and necessary, please bring it to our attention.