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Last modified at 2/5/2016 1:49 PM by Thomas Carpe

CloudPower can be purchased as a traditional software license or monthly subscription. Conventional license for all editions of CloudPower are 1 year license and include standard e-mail/forum based support and regular updates; they are renewable annually. Monthly subscriptions are an annual agreenent, require a credit card, and are billed monthly. Support and updates are provided as long as the subscription is active and current.

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CloudPower is available in the following editions. Prices below are effective 1/1/2016 and may be subject to change:

Edition​ Sale
Monthly Subscription

# of third-level DNS domains​ included
Yearly price Per additional domain​

Monthly price per additional domain​

​CloudPower Lite


​CloudPower Standard
$256.00​​$24 / mo.

​1​$128 each

​$12 / mo. each

​CloudPower Premium
$512.00​​$48 / mo.

​2​$256 each

​$24 / mo. each

​CloudPower Professional
$1024.00​​$96 / mo.

​3​$384 each

​$38 / mo. each

​CloudPower Enterprise
Request a Quote​

​second-level wildcard domain

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For Enterprise Edition, large orders, renewals, to to add domains after the initial purchase, please contact us at so we can give you the best price and help you pick the options that work best for you.

Except for Enterprise customers, licenses are issued per unique DNS third-level name, for example "" or "". So, one license if good for all the site collections and sub-sites of a single SharePoint Web Application. If you have multiple Web Applications or are using the public facing site in Office 365, you may want to look at Professional edition.

For more information about various editions please see our Feature Matrix and Product Requirements.

Buy CloudPower License | Buy CloudPower Monthly Sucription