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Last modified at 3/28/2016 2:04 PM by Thomas Carpe

All editions of CloudPower are a 1 year license and include standard e-mail/forum based support and regular updates; they are renewable annually. Monthly subscription billing is also available with an annual commitment; prices are shown below for each.


CloudPower Lite

This edition is a good fit for small file migration needs and try-before-you-buy. We also offer a free trial key if you want to test advanced features in other editions. You can use it to do basic reporting on the structure of your files, rename files that are known to cause problems during migration, and upload folder structures to your SharePoint Online document libraries. In most cases it has a 99.7% or better success rate, and it produces a handy report so that your remaining files can be uploaded manually. We're opening up additional SharePoint management commands over time. This edition can be used for any number of DNS names.


CloudPower Standard

This edition includes a standard set of features designed to help you move files into Office 365 with a minimum amount of difficulty. You can upload and download large file collections without having to stand by the computer, perform multiple upload/download passes, and specify a default content type for files. Run it from anywhere, including various versions of Windows Server. We also include some additional pre-migration reporting tools that help to identify problems before you migrate your files. This edition includes 1 third-level DNS name.


CloudPower Premium

For the seasoned SharePoint admin or IT professional, this edition includes features that will help you get the most out of Office 365 in the cloud. We include even more reports to give you a 360 degree view into any potential file migration issues. The file upload tool includes a variety of features for setting metadata and flattening folder structures. This edition includes 2 third-level DNS names.


CloudPower Professional

This edition enables the true Office 365 IT professional to handle migrations and management for multiple clients. All the features of the Premium Edition plus advanced content type features including support for Document Sets. It also includes the ability to create MD5 Hash file uploaded files, which helps in detecting duplicate files and in determining that if two files are not the same even when their date stamps match. This edition includes 3 third-level DNS names, with the ability to add additional sites for reduced cost at a future time.

CloudPower Enterprise

This edition allows for wildcard second-level domains such as * and can be used in secure environments where connectivity to our licensing web service may be blocked for security reasons. Pricing is available on a case-by-case basis, so ask us for a quote.


Please note that the following reflects a guaranteed minimum feature set offered as of 3/15/2016. We're committed to improving our product and providing as much functionality as affordably as possible. Therefore, we may open up additional features for more general use at a future time.