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Last modified at 2/5/2016 1:23 PM by Thomas Carpe

​CloudPower allows you to self-register in Lite mode for free. So, to try out the basic features, all you have to do is download a copy, install it, and start using it. The commands will detect that you're using a new copy and give you the choice to register in Lite mode.

However, you may want to request a free trial key if you're interested in testing out features that are available in Standard, Premium, or Professional versions. You can do this through our FastSpring online store vis this direct link.

You may also send the following information to us directly via e-mail to

  • Your first and last Name
  • Your company name
  • Your e-mail Address
  • The DNS domain name of the Office 365 or SharePoint site that you want to manage.

Kindly keep in mind that we wrote this software at great personal effort and this is the way we make our living. So, if you submit a request using bogus information or mailinator type e-mail, we're just going to deny your request, ignore it, deactivate it, or if you are very lucky we may even make fun of you on our blog.

Except for Enterprise customers, licenses are issued per unique DNS name, so one license if good for all the site collections and sub-sites of a single SharePoint Web Application. If you have multiple Web Applications or are using the public facing site in Office 365, you may want to look at Professional edition. If you're testing scenario involes proving things out on multiple sites, you will need to request a trial key for each unique DNS name.

Other things to note:

  • The evaluation version shares data with us so that we know how it is being used.
  • If you need to test capabilities between two SharePoint sites, such as in a site-to-site migration scenario, you'll have to request a trial license for each site and add them manually into CloudPower.
  • Unattended execution is disabled, so you'll have to input text from time to time in order to keep long running operations going.
  • There are limits on the total number of site columns and content types you can create.
  • Other limiters may be added to the product in future in order to ensure that you're playing fair.
  • We reserve the right to revoke a trial license if we think it is being used in an exploitative way, including repeated requests for a trial against the same SharePoint site. Please do feel free to ask us for a trial extension if you feel it is warranted.

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