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Welcome to EurekaFacts LLC Staff,

Monday January 23rd, we're moving your email to Office 365. This page contains everything you need to know about the process.

Steps for Setting Up

  • Configuring Outlook

    This will be a manual process, and we will help you in the coming days. Select users will be configured on Thursday, but most users will be configured on Monday. During the transition, you will have two Outlook profiles, and you will be prompted for which one to use when you start Outlook. The old profile will most likely be called "Outlook". The new one will be named "Office 365". After we've confirmed your new profile is working, your old one will be disabled so that you'll no longer be asked which one you want.

  • Configure Your Smart Phone and Other Mobile Devices

    Visit our knowledge base to review steps for connecting to Office 365 e-mail from your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple mobile device.

    All users should have this step completed no later than Monday afternoon, but you can do so early if you want to. Please keep in mind that new incoming mail will not start to show up in Office 365 until Monday after close of business, so keep your old account configuration active until then also.

    We will provide instructions for Android and Apple phones. Let us know if you have a different type of phone.

  • Test Access to Your New Account

    Test your login to Office 365 by visiting the Outlook Web Access site. All users must do this no later than Monday. The web site is your final backup for checking email if other ways to do so fail to work for you, so it's important to test it early and make sure it is working.

    Sign in using the login and password described in the email that will be sent to you, a copy will also be posted here for your convenience.

  • Backup Your E-mail Signature, Mailbox Rules, Etc.

    Some settings in Outlook do not migrate naturally with the mail, calendar, and contacts you have stored on the mail server.

    To ensure these settings follow you into your new profile, please follow the steps in these KB articles to back up your Outlook rules and copy your signatures before switching to your new account. Our team will be available to assist you with this on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Download and Install the Latest Version of Office

    Depending on the subscription purchased for your account, some of you may continue to use your current version of Office, while most will be upgrading to the latest version. In all cases, the existing license codes need to be backed up before the upgrade. On rare occassion, it may be necessary to completely uninstall Office from your PC before installing the new version, and you may need other help or support to complete the upgrade. In order to provide upgrades in an orderly fashion, please wait for us to tell you that it's OK to download and install Office on your computer. We will begin this process with some users starting Thursday and continuing through Monday.