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Welcome to Pain Management Systems
and Kure Pain Management​ Staff,

This Labor Day weekend, we're moving your email to Office 365. This page contains everything you need to know about the process.

Latest Updates - Wednesday Sept. 7th at 4:30pm

Many people have migrated successfully, but we are having occassional issues in cases where the Deployment agent was not properly installed or where Outlook was not restarted after it was installed. If you are seeing that you do not see all the email in Outlook that you see when you visit then this si most liekly the case for you. Our team will be working over the next day or two to make sure everyone has completed the needed steps.

Only a small number of users reporting issues or needing assistance in setting up their mobile devices. We're working with folks and taking appointments, so contact us if you need assistance.

Scanner is confirmed to be sending email OK.

Voicemail system is beleived to be sending emails OK.

DataLink should be receiving emails OK at the address, so if you have a non-office-365 issue you may contact them for support.

We will schedule users to upgrade to Office 2016 over the next two weeks.

Tuesday Sept. 6th at 6:45pm

Cut over has been completed. All DNS records have changed. Some users sending mail around 5-6pm reported bounce-back from the receiver for SPF (spam protection). These were investigated and determined to be temporary artifact of the cut-over process. Resend your mail later and it should be OK; if you lasting difficulty please let us know.

All users that we were unable to migrate have been reached. Thank you for your cooperation in doing this. By tomorrow morning, we're confident that all your mail will be waiting for you at your new home in the cloud.

Our staff will return to HQ tomorrow at 9am to help you in case you have any trouble configuring mail.

Instructions for how to connect to the new mail server by web mail and iPhone are below and the help desk has been alerted to them.

Tuesday Sept. 6th at 3:15pm

We're coming close to zero hour, and it looks like enough problems have been resolved that we'll make the great leap forward today after 4pm. We're waiting on final confirmation from Kostas to hit the big red button.

Liquid Mercury staff are on site at KPM HQ to assist anyone needing to complete the steps below and plan to return Wednesday at 8am.

The up to date list of everything and everyone is now located online. Alara is updating it as fast as possible.

There are 5 people who still need to provide us with passwords. If your name is on the list below, please email or reach out to Kostas. Passwords will be force reset if we don't hear back by 4pm.

There are still a handful of users with temp PW because they did not sync from AD. We are working on this, and the users know their temp PW. Some folks have requested that they do not want their e-mail password and Windows password synced, and we're taking this up with the powers that be to make a decision about what is the best course of action.

Click here for Project Tasks and Status

Urgent - Monday Sept. 5

All users with outstanding password issues have been resolved. Thank you all for your assistance. All mail migrations will be completed this evening.

Was: The following 5 people need to contact us ASAP to provide accurate password for their existing email account. If you haven't provided us a password by 4pm today, we may have to forcibly reset it, otherwise we can't ensure you will have access to all your email starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, we can't start migrating your mailbox until we know it's password.

  1. Kelsey Lafollette (klafollette) - Established contact password received and confirmed.
  2. Lisanne Cormier (lcormier) - Established contact and confirmed PW reset OK; will connect tomorrow for new login
  3. Steve Shannon (sshannon) - Established contact; you should use Windows password to connect in future; please reach out if you need assistance.
  4. Stephanie Thompson (sthompson) - Established contact and confirmed PW reset OK; will connect tomorrow for new login
  5. Tim Coulbourn (tcoulbourn) - Established contact password received and confirmed.

The following people are confirmed to no longer be an issue. Thank you for your help in getting this resovled.

  1. Ami Mac (amac)
  2. Carol Meadows (cmeadows)
  3. Georgia Harper (gharper)
  4. Kathy Baldwin (kbaldwin)
  5. Kristin Henschel (khenschel)
  6. Kamran Saraf (ksaraf)
  7. Nick LaRosa (nlarosa)
  8. Tina Moore (tmoore)

Next Steps - Friday Sept. 2 to Tuesday Sept. 6

  1. Install the Outlook Configuration Agent

    The current step is to get everyone at PMS/KPM to download and install this configuration tool. The tool will not make any changes to your PC right now. It will reconfigure your Outlook client so that you'll be properly connected when you sign in Tuesday morning.

    Click here to Download the Outlook Configuration Tool, "BootStrap.EXE". Once downloaded, choose to Run the tool and follow the prompt to enter the activation code that was e-mailed to you. Detailed instructions for installing DeploymentPro, including screen shots are now available in our Knowledge Base. (These were also e-mailed to everyone on Friday.)

    (Currently 40 out of 117 people have completed this vital step. Some people do not have Outlook or are using Mac and therefore do not need this tool.)

  2. Configure Your Smart Phone and Other Mobile Devices

    Visit our knowledge base to review steps for connecting to Office 365 e-mail from your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple mobile device.

    If you don't have an Apple phone, please let us know and we'll provide instructions for Android.

  3. Test Access to Your New Account

    Test your login to Office 365 by visiting the Outlook Web Access site.

    Sign in using the login and password described in the email that was sent to you. A copy has been included below for your convenience.

  4. Backup Your E-mail Signature, Mailbox Rules, Etc.

    Some settings in Outlook do not migrate naturally with the mail, calendar, and contacts you have stored on the mail server.

    To ensure these settings follow you into your new profile, please follow the steps in these KB articles to back up your Outlook rules and copy your signatures before switching to your new account.

  5. Download and Install the Latest Version of Office

    Depending on the subscription purchased for your account, some of you will continue using your current version of Office, while others will be upgrading to the latest version. Sometimes, it will be necessary to completely uninstall Office from your PC before installing the new version or you may need other help or support to complete the upgrade. In order to provide upgrades in an orderly fashion, please wait for us to tell you that it's OK to download and install Office on your PC.

Initial Message to Users

Memo sent Wednesday August 31st.

Dear Pain Management Solutions Staff,

This weekend, we'll be moving your e-mail account to Microsoft Office 365. We're excited to bring you this change, which offers faster email service, connectivity from anywhere and any device, and more storage space.

  • Work on this begins today and will continue through early next week. Here's what you need to know.

  • Your new email box will be created on Friday morning. Once that's done, you will be able to connect to web mail at You'll receive additional instructions on Friday regarding changes to your PC.

  • Your new mailbox will be empty at first. We'll start copying your old mailbox into it beginning Friday, and this will likely be finished for most of you before the end of holiday weekend. (Some very large mailboxes may take longer.) If you need to get to the old mail, you can sign in at

  • Your Office 365 login name will be similar to the one you have in Windows. So, if you normally login to your PC with "ADVPAIN\dbowen" you will sign into Office 365 as "".

  • Your Office 365 password is the same as your Windows password that you use when you log in to your PC. Going forward you won't have to remember two different passwords for your computer and e-mail.

  • Your existing email account will continue to work, and any mail will be received in it until the official 'change of address' notice is given at the internet 'Post Office'. This will happen on Friday after business hours. After that, mail will arrive in the new mailbox, so if you need access to mail over the weekend, use the link above or your mobile phone.

  • If you use Outlook to check your email, very little should appear to change. When you come into work on Tuesday, everything should be ready for you - and we'll be there to help if anything goes wrong.

  • Our team will be on-site in Annapolis on Friday and Tuesday to help you with any problems, and we'll also be on standby and available remotely over the weekend. While we're on-site, we can help you set up any phones or other mobile devices that you have.

  • If you have any difficulty, please contact the help desk at ________; you can also email us at for assistance.


Your Liquid Mercury Solutions Office 365 Migration Team
and DataLink IT Support and Help Desk Staff