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​We offer a variety of turn-key solutions to help you get MORE from your SharePoint sites. Take a look at the possibilities:


Yes, you are not imagining things. That's SharePoint!

Check out our solution showcase, watch the video, or request a demo.

Responsive Masterpages, Layouts, and Stylesheet Collection

$1,277 for the whole set

Ready to Go JavaScript Library and Apps for SharePoint

$1,477 for the whole set

Save a Bundle on Our Bundle

Get our SharePoint masterpages and JavaScript libraries one low price.

$2,477 for all of it

So Much MORE Than Just a Canned Theme

Yes, there are vendors out there who will sell you pre-fabricated SharePoint themes for just a few hundred bucks - each.

It's important to remember, "You get what you pay for."

Here's what sets our solution apart from the rest:

  • We're a full-service SharePoint firm; we won't just drop these files in your lap.
  • Deployment tools and easy to follow instructions included (to install assets and configure SharePoint).
  • Do web design the way you want; no lock-in to a single framework.
  • Plenty of canned examples at no extra cost.
  • Future proof solution based on latest technology.
  • A year of free upgrades and support for SharePoint interoperability issues are included.
  • No taking unfair credit for open-source features.
  • No bait-and-switch tactics or confusing choices.
  • No recurring subscription (or per user) charges.
  • No repressive intellectual property or copyright protection schemes.
  • Full access to our source code.
  • Use it on as many of your SharePoint sites as you want.
  • Interest free financing options are available.
  • Are you a SharePoint developer? We offer a generous reseller / partnership opportunity.

About Responsive Masterpages, Layouts, and Styles

Modern frameworks make building truly responsive, attractive web sites easier than ever before. Just a minimal amount of styling can create really dramatic effects that are truly compelling.

Unfortunately, out-of-the-box SharePoint is known not to play nice with frameworks like Bootstrap or Metro UI. That's because these frameworks often do things that are very similar to some features within SharePoint, but they're implemented in slightly different ways. For example, simply loading Bootstrap onto your SharePoint site can break the ribbon and other essential components within the site, undermining content management features that make SharePoint a compelling platform in the first place.

While Microsoft has made some recent progress with their 2016 "new experience" for SharePoint, not every web design is a good fit for the New UX and not every site is ready to move forward to the latest version. There are still many good reasons to want to integrate your site with non-Microsoft web frameworks.

Our solution provides you with SharePoint master pages, layouts, and style sheets that work as a great jumping off point for responsive web designs. Support for Bootstrap and Metro UI are both provided out-of-the-box. We've worked around all the issues that prevent these frameworks from being fully interoperable in SharePoint sites. These make it easier than ever to take customized HTML from your web designer and insert the code directly into SharePoint.

About Our JavaScript Library and Apps

Having done many, many SharePoint customization projects over the years has allowed us to accumulate a large collection of reusable bits and peices which have found their way into various solutions. But we've gone even farther than that, honing our code into a framework that lets us focus on developing cool SharePoint sites instead of fussing over the background wiring. Here are some of the things we've included that make our code the best for customizing SharePoint.

  • We built a harness to seamlessly integrate SharePoint Script on Demand (SOD) with Require.js / AMD.
  • We've enhanced SharePoint by automatically adding HTML attributes to web parts so they can be individually targetted and styled with CSS.
  • We overcame the limitations of SharePoint's REST API that force querying for Publishing images one item at a time.
  • We've done the work to integrate with many existing libraries (SPServices, SharePointPnP, jQueryUI, Respond, Bootstrap, React, MetroUI, RequireJS, Knockout, just to name a few) and they can be loaded either by CDN or custom versions hosted on SharePoint.
  • Our modules are built in Node; they work equally well if you're creating SharePoint apps or just uploading them into a document library to use with Script Editor Web Parts.
  • We use this codebase on our own projects all the time, so it's fully supported and being constantly improved.

Want to know more? We can give you a demo and show you some of the great apps and SharePoint customizations we've built on this foundation.

Need Help Customizing SharePoint?

Are you still not sure if you can implement these yourself? Let us design it for you! We offer 3, 5, and 10 day engagements. Our SharePoint experts will do all the required implementation for you.