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SharePoint On Demand™ is our subscription service that makes managing even a large SharePoint site affordable to anyone, both on premises and in the cloud.


  • Remote access to highly skilled SharePoint experts
  • Unlocks the power of SharePoint resources included in Office 365 plans
  • Let us carry your IT burden, so you can focus on your business
  • Up-front, predictable, and affordable monthly pricing
  • Cost scales with your business - not with every user you add
  • Available in the cloud and on-premises too
  • Compare us with other vendors offering similar services for thousands per month
    and see why you should flip the Liquid Mercury switch today.

Why We Created SharePoint On Demand

It's true. SharePoint has a reputation (some would say well-deserved) of being very powerful but also very complicated. Getting the most from it requires specialized knowledge of its capabilities and pitfalls. These skills take years to develop, and this has only gotten more challenging since now Microsoft is contantly improving and changing their cloud services.

Up until recently, getting full value out of SharePoint would've meant hiring a consultant or admin at top-end salary or expensive hourly rates. It's not uncommon for SharePoint experts to earn six figures or more or charge rates of two-hundred an hour and up. For large enterprises with hundreds or thousands of employees and a six or seven figure investment in the hardware and software needed to run a SharePoint farm, this wouldn't have seemed out of place.

But times have changed. Office 365 brings SharePoint down from Mount Olympus, making it accessible to micro-companies with even just a few people. We even have customers who are sole proprietors, yet they find ways to get real business value from SharePoint. We recognize these smaller organizations need access to the same skills and experience.

What's Covered by SharePoint On Demand?

Our subscription plans for SharePoint cover routine maintenance and administration tasks for SharePoint on-premises servers or SharePoint Online.

SharePoint On Demand covers the following workloads:

  • SharePoint Online Admin Portal
  • SharePoint Site Collection Administration
  • SharePoint Site Settings
  • Other settings and options within SharePoint web sites commonly available to Site Owners
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Project Online and and other systems build on SharePoint, in some cases

Please note SharePoint On Demand isn't a suitable replacement for large scale efforts like SharePoint migrations, farm build-out, intranet development, or development projects. Likewise, this service doesn't cover emergency break/fix for on-premises SharePoint farms. If you have these needs, we do offer SharePoint Jump Starts, Skills on Demand, and traditional ad-hoc service rates. Please tell us about these needs, so we can include them in your quote.

For the full details and limits of SharePoint On Demand service, please review our SLA.


Here are some specific examples of tasks covered by our SharePoint On Demand plan at no additional hourly cost:

  • Security and group configuration
  • Provisioning New SharePoint sites and/or lists
  • Setting up custom Views for a SharePoint list or library
  • Content changes for a SharePoint web page
  • Simple intranet branding
    • projects which require only minor customization
    • logo, custom colors
  • Configuring web parts and app parts
  • Install and configure a third-party app from the SharePoint Marketplace
  • Management of Site Columns and Content Types
  • Enable and configure
    • managed metadata services
    • auditing and/or Azure rights management
    • secure external file sharing
  • Deploy an existing InfoPath form
  • Implement forms customizations to a SharePoint list using InfoWise Ultimate Forms
  • Schedule and clean-up external user access when it's no longer needed
  • Upload documents into SharePoint

SharePoint Admin On Demand Pricing

Pricing for SharePoint Admin On Demand is determined by the size of your organization. Tiered pricing is based on the number of users, so your business will be covered as you grow without necessarily increasing simply because you've added a user here or there. Your custom quote will provide the option that's tailored to your company, but our standard prices are so good that we're proud to post them here.

​Plan​Monthly Price
Effectove Monthly Cost per User
Up to 5 Users$47.70/month $9.54/user
Up to 10 Users$77.70/month$7.78/user
Up to 25 Users$177.70/month$7.11/user
Up to 50 Users$277.70/month$5.55/user
Up to 100 Users $477.00/month
Over 100 UsersAsk us for a custom quote.
​Add-on: Deskless worker (Some restrictions apply.)
Add-on: SharePoint Admin Add a Single User
Add-on: Toll free managed end-user help desk
This service has been moved into Enterprise On Demand
Add-on: Compliance monitoring (for HIPAA, SOX, FINRA, GLBA, etc.)$2.50/user/month
Extended Service Hourly Surcharge
(This charge applies to tasks which are exceptional in nature and/or require extraordinary efforts, such as a task which takes more than 4 hours to complete due to its size or scope. Services will be billed in 1/2 hour increments.)

Why do we price this way?

We've measured the needs of micro-businesses and found that companies of 1, 2, 3, and 5 people are about the same in terms of their SharePoint support needs. It's only as a company grows that it becomes more mature, develops structure, and thus starts to reap the benefits of economies of scale. Likewise, as companies grow and change, turnover causes the number of users to shift regularly from month-to-month. Tiered pricing helps to simpify the billing process, enabling us to provide affordable service with a predictable and easily understood price.