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Bill started in the IT industry many years ago as a service tech for an IBM dealer.  He later moved into an server/network admin role where he discovered that he enjoyed working in PERL. (Okay, it was the 90’s; everyone was doing it.)

Finding a career path as a Unix admin was easy in the days of internet fever. After the bubble burst, Bill found many opportunities to gain a diverse range of work experiences. At one point in his journey, Bill gave running his own web deisgn business a try for a while.

After attending many, many, many SharePoint and other technology users groups, Bill eventually came into contact with the gang from Liquid Mercury and was "discovered". He started with us near the end of 2015 as a junior developer working with JavaScript, C#, and SharePoint. Bill works on projects such as CloudPower, Beowulf, and Chimera; he also helps out with the Liquid-Hg web site and other random custom development as it comes. He's also studying for Microsoft's Office 365 certification.

Bill is living proof that you do not need to be a raging otaku to work for LMS. Once a local native from Harford County, Maryland, he's currently leading the quiet life as an expat in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand with his wife, the neighbor’s chickens, and more lizards and bugs than you could imagine will fit inside a laptop.