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‚ÄčEric has been interested in computers, and especially video games, since a very early age. With a long term interest in game development and programming, it seemed only natural that Eric would join the family business. He started working at LMS back in 2011, when he was only a teenager. He's performed a wide variety of technical duties including PC uprades, Office 365 migrations, and more. Eric is the webmaster for the Liquid-Hg web site. So, if you don't like something you see here, be sure to complain to him vigorously.

On the Internet, Eric is known as @IncredibleMeh, a monicker he was given (somewhat accidentally) at an event many years ago in Washington DC. The name fits him very well, so it just stuck. Eric has a talent for cryptography and an interest in politics. Eric was a multi-year student of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and in 2008 he attended the innauguration ceremony and ball of President Barack Obama. He's an avid bird lover, and raises the chickens known as the Hampden Hens along with a second flock at the vacation house in West Virginia.