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​Kitty joined Liquid Mercury as our Office Administrator in summer of 2015. She once worked for Tom back at CarpeDiem in the late 90's, and apparently she did not learn her lesson then. We're pleased to have her back, and honestly we'd all be lost without her and wonder how the heck we survived so long without her help.

Before joining us, Kitty was a team lead and supervisor at Encompass. She has a long history of experience with electronics manufacturing, consumer electronics parts and repair, and customer service. Over the years, Kitty has done a lot of IT troubleshooting, but she remains very modest about her technical abilities.

At LMS, Kitty helps to keep us organized - a thing that nerds like us need constant help with. Her official title is "Cat Herder in Chief". She helps manage Office 365 subscriptions and billing, and maintains our internal SharePoint sites. So, don't let her fool you; she is actually quite well versed with all this Microsoft stuff.

In her spare time, you might accidentally bump into Kitty at Otakon or singing Karaoke in little Korea. As long as we've known her, she's been a genuine real life anime girl. Her interests include anime, art, music, reading, Korean dramas, and gaming - everything from World of Warcraft, to Dungeons and Dragons, to Munchkin. Kitty has two wonderful chilldren, as well as a foster daughter. She's recently proud to be a grandmom.